Advanced Personal Robot, Mobile AI Sidekick, Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter

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Loomo is a smart personal robot that you can also ride as a self-balancing transporter. Loomo
comes with powerful Segway mobility and multiple sensors including Intel RealSense
Technology that makes Loomo smart and versatile.

Loomo by Segway Robotics is truly the future of smart mobility. This self-balancing
transporter is a combination of e-scooter and robot. With the press of a button, you can turn this
scooter into a self-driving robot. Thanks to the accompanying Lomoo smartphone app, you can
also control Loomo remotely and take pictures and videos while riding the transporter around.
Loomo is a real expression of where we are going as far as our future.


  • Multi-Terrain Mobility
  • Advanced Computer Vision / Emotion Engine
  • Target and Follow
  • Voice and Gesture Controls
  • IPX4 Splash Proof
  • Easy to Ride
  • 30 Miles Range
  • Powerful AI That Incorporates Intel RealSense
  • Playful Expressions and Personality
  • Includes Free Android SDK and Over-The-Air Updates


Additional information

Weight 42 lbs

Max. 220 lbs (100kg)


25.59 inch (H) x 12.20 inch (L) x 22.44 inch (W)

LCD Screen

4.3 inch, 480 * 800 pixels

HD Camera

1080p 30Hz streaming with 104 degrees FOV

Sensors Available

Ultrasonic sensors, infrared distance sensors, touch sensors, encoders, IMUs


Intel Atom Z8750, 4 cores 2.56GHz, x86-64

Operating System

Customized system based on Android 5.1





Speed Limit

8km/h (4.3mph) in robot mode, 18km/h (11mph) in self-balancing vehicle mode

Typical Range

~35km (22 miles) per charge

Traversable Terrain

Paved road and sidewalks, packed dirt, slopes < 15°, obstacles < 0.4 inch (1cm), gaps < 1.2 inch (3cm)

Mic Array

5 microphones enabling beamforming, voice localization and voice command recognition


Capacity 329Wh