They first made their mark with the agricultural community, hauling feed, hay, and equipment over terrain that trucks were either too big, too heavy, or incapable of crossing. Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV) quickly became popular workhorses on farms and ranches.

Of course, it didn’t take long for people to figure out these powerful, rugged, go-anywhere rides would be a blast on trails, splattering through mud, racing up and down dunes, and other off-road adventures. Unlike ATVs, UTVs have a wider wheelbase that lets you bring a buddy alongside (SXS) seating. Also, typically powered by larger engines, UTVs have greater payload and towing capacity than ATVs, making them more versatile off-road. Lastly, these rides are mod-friendly. You can add roofs, enclosed cabins, truck beds, seating, nearly anything you need for your idea of fun.

Hot Landmaster UTV Models

Many well-known brands have jumped on the UTV making bandwagon (AWT Powersports services them all), but the one we especially like is American Landmaster. Originally a manufacturer of mini-bikes and go-carts, this Indiana-based company went through many changes before shifting its focus to UTVs in 2006. Today, their lineup of gas-powered and electric UTVs is 70% American sourced and 100% shaped, fabricated, and assembled by their hard-working crew of craftsmen in Columbia, IN.

Power, utility, and durability are the hallmarks of American Landmaster, as this sampling of models demonstrates:

  • EFI 4X2 L4. Thanks to an EFI 429cc high-torque engine and rear differential lock, the L4 has earned the title of most powerful two-wheel-drive UTV on the market. The new differential shifter makes going up a muddy hill or through trenches a piece of cake. Basically, you get 4WD traction at a 2WD price. In addition, this 2-seater comes equipped with all 30 safety and reliability features that American Landmaster is known for, including independent rear suspension and trailing arm, ensuring a safe, reliable, off-road experience.
  • EV 4X2. Electrical power is the future of all things automotive, and American Landmaster has jumped into the race with its all-new, lithium-powered EV 4X2. A maintenance-free side-by-side, the EV 4X2 doesn’t sacrifice power or performance. With a top speed of 24 mph, 1,200lb. towing capacity and 700lb. maximum payload, this ride can sail over the same rough terrain as gas-powered models. It just does it quietly and with no fuel costs. ROPS certified.
  • L7XL PRO. The biggest and most powerful UTV in the American Landmaster lineup, the L7XL is powered by a 694cc EFI commercial-grade engine. That translates into 1,750lbs. of towing power, and the oversized bed can carry a maximum of 1,000lbs. An ideal commercial vehicle for farms, construction sites, lumber yards, or give it a custom camo paint job and take it hunting for big game.

Interested? If you want to explore the UTV possibilities, browse our gallery now. Give us a call at 713-682-1085, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about these tough off-road vehicles.